• Sally Feldman

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Updated: May 27, 2020

The Isley Brothers – 3+3 (1973, Epic)

‘Who’s That Lady’, was the first track I ever danced to with real abandon – in public anyway. It was at a friend’s party in Pinner (yes, Elton John’s old haunt, which, bizarrely, also featured recently in series 3, episode 5 ‘Are you from Pinner?’ of Killing Eve).

The crowd I’d started hanging out with were pretty cool by my pretty narrow standards (actually, that’s not quite true; I’d already met and become best friends with the coolest girl at Stonegrove Synagogue Jewish Youth Club, but more of her another time).

Most of us were in the Lower Sixth, our first year studying for our ‘A’ levels. Seventeen years old and lording it up at school in our separate common room. No uniforms – just perky-breasted liberation in loon pants and Jeff Banks shirts or cropped Shetland jumpers. Long, billowing, blow-dried Farrah Fawcetts. Art and English and Sociology teachers whom we called by their first names. Some of us losing our virginity; some not. Me, for one.

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